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The child begins the assessment by playing a set of two educational games that were specifically designed to encourage motor, social, and cognitive behaviours.

During gameplay, a powerful analytics engine measures the child’s behaviour through more than 340 parameters per second; collecting touch-screen, movement sensor, and game flow data.



Movement patterns are compared to those observed in typically developing children and those diagnosed with ASD. The assessment automatically detects behavioural patterns that might indicate a risk of autism.

At the end of the assessment, an easy-to-understand report is generated, providing a comprehensive skill profile of the child in conjunction with a precise estimate of the risk that the child might develop autism.



The Play.Care development report and tool for tracking skills over time support informed decisions of parents, doctors, and therapists.

Quality and security

Developed in cooperation with clinicians and scientists from the University of Strathclyde and Gdansk University of Technology. Validated in clinical studies involving over 600 children ages 3-5.

Our test does not collect any personal information.

In order to ensure the highest quality of the solution, our company is implementing ISO 13485 standardisation for medical devices.